Fathers, Brother, Sons | 16×20 | 2017

This was painted from a 2″ photo taken sometime during WWII and found by a long-time friend in her family’s memorabilia. Place and date unknown. Photographer unknown. I had wanted to paint it when I first saw the photo and when our Tallahassee Senior Center decided to do a tribute to our Military, I jumped at the chance. My brother-in-law scanned it for me and it blew up beautifully, with details unseen in the little 2″ photo. I enjoyed painting this. People have told me it looks like the Black Forest in Germany. I have found photos online that look very similar with the trees and the rocks. From Wikipedia: ‘Artillery fire was fused to detonate as tree bursts. “Tree bursts” is a technique of using air bursts by timing artillery shells set to go off in the treetops. This causes hot metal shrapnel and wood fragments to rain down. Since American soldiers had been trained to react to incoming artillery fire by hitting the ground, the technique proved particularly deadly, until American GIs changed tactics to “hug a tree” during bombardment’.