A BIG Little Girl

A BIG Little Girl l 16×20 l 2013

We have model railroads at our house.  I should say, my HUSBAND has model railroads at our house.  All I can do is paint the buildings and make some trees. I don’t know how to run the trains.  But he’s the hero to the 8 grandchildren we have. This is a painting from a photo I took of my granddaughter looking over the city on the train board. At three, she’s as much into the trains as the boys are, but that may change with time. The photo was not a good photo… I used the wrong lens but since I had the board in the house for a reference and a little imagination, I painted the shot with some of the buildings ‘enhanced’ over what they actually look like.  She wasn’t wearing the hat in the photo, so I hung it over the top of the easel at the angle it would be on her head, and dropped it into the painting.
I painted this over the 4th of July weekend, 2013, and it took me most of the weekend to do it.  It was fun to paint, but then, they’re ALL fun to paint.